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Endodontics as a specialty is perhaps best known for root canal therapy. Our patients are offered immediate relief from pain through very controlled and comfortable procedures, each designed to prevent tooth loss and improve existing oral conditions. Ocean State Endodontics (OSE) and their staff are dedicated to meeting your emergency needs while creating a positive experience. Please take this opportunity to become familiar with the services that we provide.

Endodontic (Root Canal Therapy)

During root canal treatment, the damaged pulp in your tooth’s canals is removed, the canals are cleaned and a filling material is placed into the canal. After root canal therapy, most cases require a crown to ensure stabilization of the entire tooth. Ocean State Endodontics provides root canal treatment which will ultimately save teeth that would otherwise require extraction. The development of modern techniques has greatly reduced the discomfort associated with root canal therapy.

Endodontic Retreatment

Although root canal treatment has an overall 90 to 95% success rate, there are instances when treatment of the root canal system is necessary in order to eliminate bacterial contamination and infection. OSE utilizes the latest techniques in order to effectively and comfortably retreat the root canal system when required.

Apical Surgery

The most common endodontic surgery, apical surgery (Apicoectomy) is generally recommended when an infection persists at the root tip following endodontic therapy. Through surgery, the doctor will make an opening in the gum tissue near the infected tooth and remove the inflamed tissue at the end of the root. A small filling will be placed it seal the root end. Then, the doctor will place a few stitches to encourage healing.

Internal Bleaching

This treatment can help lighten a tooth that has been discolored due to diseased pulp.

Procedures for Immature Teeth: Apical (Root) Barriers

  • Apexification: This treatment is used when there is no healthy tissue left within the canal. It encourages hard tissue to form near the root tip, thus “closing” the root.
  • Apexogenesis: This procedure is used when some healthy tissue remains in the canal and encourages the root to completely develop as the pulp tissue heals.
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