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Ocean State Endodontics – Advanced Technology

At OSE we constantly strive to provide our patients with the finest dental care available. Our continued education and investment in the latest endodontics technology ensures a positive and healthy future for all of our patients treatments. State-of-the-art technology invites informed decision-making and enables our patients to make wise choices concerning their oral health. Ocean State Endodontics offers the latest dental technology for your benefit

Digital Radiography

This form of computerized radiography uses a standard dental x-ray generator as its radiation source. An intra-oral sensor that is placed in the mouth collects the image. The color capabilities show our patients more meaningful pictures than the standard format. The “zoom” capabilities allow our patients to view localized areas for a better understanding of their diagnosis. Digital radiography reduces radiation exposure 80 to 90%.


OSE offers “profound local anesthesia” and a wide range of techniques to ensure optimal patient comfort during treatment. Most endodontic patients find that the use of profound local anesthesia allows them to experience treatment quite comfortably.

Surgical Microscope

The use of the surgical microscope allows OSE to perform surgery with greater accuracy because the treatment area is magnified enabling calcified canals to be detected as well as fractures or root defects.

Microscope Glasses (loupes)

This is another visual aid that increases magnification of the surgical area; it is typically worn as a headpiece.

Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instrumentation

The recent introduction of nickel-titanium rotary instruments to debride and shape the root canal has greatly reduced the time required to effectively perform root canal treatment. Ocean State Endodontics employs rotary instrumentation during treatment in order to improve the quality and efficiency of root canal therapy.


These special instruments use vibration to help us carefully remove broken instruments and posts – and breakthrough calcified material or cement for root preparation or re-treatment.

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